Church Signs
Church Signs
by Golden Rule Sign Company

Step into the Modern Technology Age 

Projector systems come complete with more problems than many IT teams care to interface.  LED video walls are quickly becoming the preferred product for background, praise/worship, and informational display in sanctuaries and worship centers.

Function & Fit

Our indoor LED video walls fully integrate with many existing systems or can be purchased with a turn-key software suit.  They function easily as live video walls during worship and sermons.  Display song lyrics, pre-recorded videos, sermon text, live stage video and much more.  Indoor LED video walls are built in modular sections which can be configured to any size or shape.  Unlike projector systems, no additional 'runway' is needed for front or rear projection - get that space back and make it more functional!

Our LED video walls are available in 2.5mm, and 3.91mm pixel pitch resolutions.  On-site labor, installation support, content creation and training services are available for puchase. 

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Turn any wall into a dynamic surface that interacts with your congregation.  

Communicate Critical Messages

The 'shoulders' of a worship service (before and after) are ideal times to capture the attention of your congregation and relay important messages, increase involvement, and offer service opportunities.

Praise Music Video & Lyrics

Using Praise Pro software with our indoor LED video walls offers full functionality for live video, pre-recorded video playback, and worship lyrics.